Ch Zuhraan Catch A Dream aka “Sunni” is my special girl. She is Jack’s daughter and her mother, Breilla Shenannigans (“Shania”), was from one of my foundation litters.

Sunni is everything I like to see in a Pointer. She is athletic and agile yet still elegant, plenty of chest for heart room, correct head and kind expression, great tail, nicely bodied and she moves effortlessly whether it’s on a manicured lawn, making her way through shallow water or losing herself in long grass. She is calm yet sturdy and still has her playful and cuddly moments.

Sure, there’s no such thing as a perfect dog – but Sunni’s a mummy’s girl so she’s perfect to me.

Unfortunately, while Sunni is a great handler dog and does everything perfectly in the ring, she doesn’t have the ‘flare’ that your top winning dogs all seem to have. She has gained her points and had some nice little wins along the way against some tough competition (including winning Runner Up Best of Breed at the 2008 Brisbane Royal Show in a large entry of some of Australia’s top Pointers while 5 weeks in whelp), but we are still yet to crack the big time with her. Her strength however, lays in her progeny. Her first litter to Ronin has produced some great dogs that are now hitting their stride as they come into maturity. Her second litter was to a solid black pointer from Zelgren kennels and has produced me Kayo.

Sunni will be having her third and final litter in 2010.

As a puppy, Sunni was my first owner/handled “in show” winner taking out a number of minor puppy in show awards.

I see ducks!

Pointing the ducks

Working the ducks

My goofy girl


Sunni at 10 weeks old

Sunni as a mum – her first litter at one day old.

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