Ah, Kayo… what can one say about Kayo, Zuhraan Dark N Dreamy?

Kayo is the only solid coloured pointer regularly exhibited in Australia. To date, we haven’t won a damn thing! As a young pup she looked lovely but hated the show ring, then she went through her ugly puppy phase but started liking the show ring.

Now, she looks great and loves the show ring – I just need to get out there and show her! Showing a solid coloured pointer in Australia is an extreme challenge. At this point I haven’t been able to find if there has ever been a solid coloured pointer with an Australian championship title. (if anyone has any information otherwise, I would love to know. Please email me or comment below.)

Kayo is full of life – I affectionately call her, “my little liver feral” because that is what she is. She is also extremely intelligent and loving. Her first time off lead at our local waterhole, there were distractions everywhere – people playing soccer within her field of vision, a main road close by… and all she did was work the ducks on the water brilliantly and I still had perfect recall.

As a specimen of the breed, she has a lovely and honest Pointer head good topline and clean tailset and hindquarter. I can’t wait for the day when a judge is brave enough to award something to the “odd one out”.

Kayo will be bred with in 2010 and it will possibly be a dual sired litter. Kayo’s sire is Zelgren Dark n Stormy and her she is Sunni’s daughter and is co-owned with Liz Christensen of Zuhraan Pointers.



9 weeks old


I've found the ducks!


Working her way slowly towards the ducks


World's laziest point - she rested her foot on the log


Silver award winning photo - Australian Professional Photography Awards 2009

9 Responses to “Kayo”

  1. Great to see your doggies on the net again!
    Kayo is special – she’ll kick a** one of these days! And breed bewdiful babies for us…. 🙂 Who is it you’ve got in mind to breed her to next year?

    Zuhraan Pointers

  2. breilla said

    Still undecided at this point but Ronin is a contender. 🙂

  3. Jayne said

    Love ur solid liver, we imported a solid orange dog called Weasle from “Zelgren Kennels” (aust) , he has been a great stud dog but hasnt done a thing in the show ring, we have a solid black bitch (weasles daughter) who is breath-takin but also has done no good in the ring but produced extrmely well

  4. Jeremy said

    Yes, there has been one champion Solid in Australian history. In the 90’s Lucknow Liza and a few Zelgren solids placed in group competition, even a baby puppy in Group at the Toowoomba Royal (under a Canadian Judge). Unfortunately, many Australian judges could never get their heads around a solid pointer – but a few did justly reward their merits.

    Owen Dawson, had Aus Ch Lucknow Bosambo – who was born in 1954. Your solids are directly descended from him through “Raven” Lucknow Liza JH CGC, whom I took with me when I moved to the US in 2003.

    Good luck for the future. Solid pointers have it tough in many parts of the world.

    • breilla said

      Awesome 🙂 Thanks for that Jeremy. I couldn’t remember is Raven had the title or not and she is a generation or two off the back of Kayo’s pedigree so I wasn’t sure. Good to know that they haven’t been totally snubbed (although it certainly feels like it at times.)

    • breilla said

      Scrap that, I just re-read… It’s too early in the morning. I just realised that Raven didn’t get the title but she was awarded in the ring. I loved Raven’s head, she was very pretty.

      Do you have any photos, or know of any photos of Bosambo? I’d love to see him.

  5. Ali said

    Looking for solid color pointer . Love them to death plz help me .

  6. Ali said

    Liz it’s ali , still waiting for that phone call . Plz let me know if any are available . Thanx regards ali

    • breilla said

      Hi Ali,

      My name is Alicia, I am the owner of Kayo. Liz is her breeder. You can contact Liz by googling Zuhraan Pointers and her link will come up. Liz will be taking Kayo back for a litter next year and I know she already has orders so you will need to contact her soon.


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